Creative secret agents

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and casually discussing how ‘inclusivity’ is important in the creative process. Yet more often than not, we do it on our own. It led us to some sharp admissions; each with our hoard of ideas, we act like a secret agents! We squirrel away on our creative projects when we find the time. But we know that this is at odds with the spirit of creativity. What is going on? And why do we hide away?

Leading with the ‘Why’

It’s one thing to articulate your Why, and another entirely to keep it alive and at the centre of every daily business activity. Leadership is the act of being a compass – it comes down to the way you talk about what you do. The organisation’s ‘WHY’.

Mission is everything

The reason why so many mission statements seem vague and irrelevant and fail to inspire, is not because they are too lofty or too abstract. It is because executives tasked with translating the mission lack the commitment and imagination to make the thousands of simple connections between mission and execution that are necessary for credibility and success.