Tension is good

There’s no doubt it. Creation is life. And with it comes with conflict and tension.

Given this stark reality, what is there to do with our time but create what’s in our hearts, our bones? We feel constrained by material resources and things out of our control. Yet living within perceived boundaries does not make us happier. This is not the creative mindset, but a thinking mindset.

We’re hard wired to want good things. The principle of creative orientation is knowing what you desire vs existing reality and understanding that the tension created between the two states is constructive. I guide people to achieve their heart-felt desires with techniques to bring clarity of experience, revealing personal pathways and a realisation of the energetic/universal process.

Tension is good. My vision is to teach the new generation it’s healthy and liberating qualities for a bright future and happier planet.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”

Joseph Campbell