It is the love with which you do things that radiates; it is not the things that you do.

When you see the world purely in its energetic nature, this statement rings true. And the truth is liberating.

Perhaps you sometimes pause and wonder if your ‘doing’ energy or efforts equal the reward? Are you creating what you truly desire? Or do you feel things are beyond your reach or ability to change?

In consultation I guide you to liberate yourself from perceived internal or external constraints, whether personal or business – enabling your heart energy to do the work of realising your ideas.

Through a series of guided questions the Client will arrive at far reaching insights about themselves, reappraising the situation in the process. As the session is devoid of imposed ideas or value systems, the resulting effect will resonate with the Client as an awareness of truth.

We go down the rabbit hole to explore the driving force behind the business goals, where the passion and energy lies, but also confront the reality of here and now – the structures in play.

Just like no two people are the same, no project is the same. Having a deep understanding of structure and flow to generate momentum is critical to meeting end results, but retaining focus in the face of obstacles is the true marker of success. I call this; project orienteering.