Marshall Ganz, who worked as an organiser in the civil rights movement in the 1960s, says leaders need to know how to tell three stories: the Story of Self, the Story of Us and the Story of Now.

As professor at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Ganz teaches a story-based leadership practice called “public narrative” which has helped organisations advance their causes by communicating their Whys.

The Story of Self: Narrative of your personal Why – how you got here and what values led you to commit to a goal, to craft a vision or to choose a course of action (ultimately your credibility of message)

The Story of Us: Tells how others around you share those values

The Story of Now: Tells what the urgent challenge is to those values that demands action now

Attracting an audience is about matching beliefs and values, and storytelling is critical to elicit genuine response (good or bad!)